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Internet Scambusters
Hyena Family / Hyena Estate
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Pyramid scheme alart.
Cockeyed.Com / Special Report /Work At Home
[Causs.Org] Citizens Against Ugly Street Spam / Causs Forum
MLM Watch Skeptical Guide to MLM / aboutHerbalife International
Web-Links [atlas]
Atlas-Web.Com / Fudou / Atlas / Atlas / HotInfo
Laketech.Com / The Lost Continent of Atlantis
The Sunken Kingdom The Atlantis Mystery Solved | Atlas Mythological Hero
Alex's Page / Atlantis.....Thira? The Lost Continent of Atlantis / ATLANTIS
Web-Links [spams]
IRTF (Internet Research Task Force) /ASRG (Anti-Spam Research Group)
BBS: Nayami Soudan Y Scammer's Daughter G Scammer's Daughter
BBS: Cons Sasaki Y Scammer G Scammer
Retribution > SFCG > Sagi >

The Hyena Family    The Dirty Three Estate
The Territory of Hyena    The House of Hyena    The Yard of Hyena
The Devilish Scammers    The King of Minami    The Hyena of Katsushika    The Jackal of Fujisawa